TH-8H Hard cone winding machine

  • Types of winding:Drum winding
  • Package shape:Conical type or Cylinder type
  • Traverse length:147-150mm
  • Take-up package diameter:up to 180mm
  • Package weight:up to 1.5-2kg
  • Spindles No.s:24-120 spindles
  • Layout:Double sides machine
  • Machine size:2130 x 900 x 1500 mm

TH-8H Hard cone winding machine.jpg



  • TH-8H Hard winding machine, it is a cone to cone winding machine for the preparation of weaving, warp knitting and circular knitting process. Innovative scheme, advanced technology and application of the essential allow an optimization of the thread path and the simplification of the winder. The robust and enduring technology cuts maintenance and service expanse down to a minimum. The TH-8H allows the adaptation of the winding to various types of staple yarns. Rotating self-cleaning tension device and dry waxer reduce yarn friction to a minimum.