TH-18 Spandex Air Covering Machine

  • Types of winding:precision winding
  • Package shape:freely programmable
  • Traverse length:155-250mm
  • Take-up package diameter:up to 200mm
  • Package weight:up to 4-5kg
  • Supply package diameter:up to 320mm
  • Layout:single sided machine
  • Gauge:400mm



  • TH-18 Air covering machine( Spandex covering machine), it's a high speed precision type air covering machine, the machine can do spandex covering, also can used as intermingled machine, all controlled by the computer, so the operating will more conveniently. also the working speed can be 700-900 Meter/min, it's almost the twice production than the ordinary type air covering machine. The spandex draft time also controlled by computer with the servo motor, so any draft times you wanted all can be done, its no limited.