TH-9B Hank to Cone winding machine

  • Types of winding:precision winding/Electronic winding
  • Package shape:Freely Programmable
  • Traverse length:147-250mm
  • Take-up package diameter:180 to 200mm
  • Package weight:up to 2-4kg
  • Supply package diameter:up to 320 mm
  • Layout:single sided machine
  • Gauge:350mm

TH-9B Hank to Cone winding machine.jpg


  • TH-9B Hank to cone winding machine, it's used for rewinding yarns from hank to cone, the final package can be pineapple cone or Tube bobbin effect. -          The easiest operation with individual driving system -          A winding of traverse diminish the occurrence of pilling -  An individual fixing management with the suitable equipment. the machine has the Overfeeding roller device, so can make the take up tensioner more steady, and each spindle with oil yarn device.